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Serving Dallas Since 1979

Serving Dallas Since 1979

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Dallas Automotive Service is a family owned and operated repair shop that has been serving the residents of Dallas and the surrounding areas since the 1970’s. We specialize in extending the life of your vehicle, through routine and preventative maintenance as well as repairs and scheduled services. We work on cars, trucks, SUV’s,  foreign and domestic, gasoline or diesel.

Our mechanics are professionally trained by Chemeketa Community College and Car Quest Technical Institute, they use the highest industry services such as Technet. But this is not what sets us apart from the rest, it is our attention to detail, honesty, and our relationships. Many of our customers are third and even fourth generation customers that know we have a dedication to the safety drivability and longevity of their vehicles. They know we will only sell them the services they truly need.

Meet The Team


As a DHS graduate and a lifelong Dallas resident, Wally has made countless friends in this community and has worked on all of their cars. He started in 1973 rebuilding Carburators and distributors and as the automotive industry has changed over the years so have his expertise.  


After starting as a shop hand at the age of 16 under his father Wally, Kyle now has over 15 years of experience as a mechanic at Dallas Automotive Services. He specializes in suspension, brakes, and drivetrain. Some of his many talents include diagnostics and driveability.


Since ’95 Diane has been the office manager for Dallas Automotive Service and if you’ve ever called you have likely heard her voice. Diane handles payments, payroll, invoicing and most of all keeps Wally on track when he gets distracted talking to customers.


With experience in auto part stores and customer service, she is a natural fit at Dallas Automotive Service. Cassie is an important team member, not only does she handle scheduling and manage the parts department she also makes the best coffee at the shop.


Has been in the shop handling customer relations for over 10 years. Ruger is so popular he had a Facebook page created.


Handles customer entertainment as well as public relations. Rogue will be one of the first to greet you with a toy in his mouth.


Head of the security department and a workflow specialist. Titan will keep everyone on task throughout the work week.

The crew at Dallas Automotive Services has a longstanding and deep-rooted connection to the community. They have supported the local FFA for over 10 years and are a long time Gold sponsor of Kids Inc.


Have a look at some of our most common services we provide our customers

Our tune-up procedure is specific to the needs of your vehicle. We only use the best quality parts and all of the industry-leading equipment to maintain your vehicle.


  • Change spark plugs
  • Inspect distributor cap and rotor (if equipped)
  • Check for leaks, inspect condition of and top off all under-hood fluids
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check all vehicle lights
  • Inspect air filter
  • Road test

With today’s sophisticated engines and all of the lubricant options out there, you can rest assured that our mechanics will provide you with the best option for your vehicle. 



  • Drain engine oil
  • Replace oil filter with premium filter
  • Lube all greaseable joints
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check for leaks, inspect condition of and top off all fluids
  • Inspect suspension and steering components
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect all drive train components
  • Inspect tire wear and check pressure
  • Inspect air filter and if needed replace with premium filter
  • Conduct general inspection under the hood and under the vehicle for any possible faults and needed repairs
  • Check all lights
  • Road test

Brakes – gotta have em!!  Don’t wait until it’s too late to replace your brake components or service your hydraulic brake fluid system.

  • Inspect brake fluid system for leaks
  • Evacuate brake fluid reservoir and refill with factory approved fluid
  • Bleed fresh fluid through all components:  master cylinder, antilock controller, lines, calipers, and wheel cylinders (if drums)
    (additional charge)
  • Inspect brake pads and rotors
  • Road test


One of the most important and overlooked systems is your vehicles Cooling System, it is imperative for it to remain in good health to prevent costly repairs in the event of a failure  



  • Inspect condition of all cooling system components:  radiator, heater core, hoses, gaskets, and seals
  • Drain cooling system
  • Two-stage flush:  first with high-pressure tap water, second with distilled water
  • Leak test and vacuum fill cooling system with new antifreeze, distilled water, and rust inhibiting treatment
  • Road test


Automatic transmissions can be on of the most costly parts of a vehicle to replace, sometimes exceeding the value of your entire vehicle. This is one of many reasons why it is so important to properly maintain yours. Our mechanics have the experience and sophisticated equipment necessary to service your automatic transmission.









  • Inspect transmission, transmission cooler, and lines for leaks
  • Drain transmission fluid
  • Remove transmission pan and filter
  • Inspect filter and pan for excessive debris
  • Install new filter
  • Install transmission pan with new gasket
  • Fill transmission with factory approved fluid
  • Road test


Is your air conditioner not blowing as cold as it once did? Did you buy a new car this winter only to find out on the first hot day of the year that the AC doesn’t work? Let us repair and recharge your vehicles air condition system. We use the highest quality equipment, the latest technology, and our mechanics have been trained by MACS (the Mobile Air Conditioning Society)




  • Visually inspects all A/C components
  • Runs a performance test
  • Performs a system state of charge test
  • Performs a system control test
  • Performs a leak test using an approved electronic leak detector

Quality Parts

We have been in the business long enough to know that not all parts are created equal. We only use the highest quality new parts.


Our customers have come to love the honest and upfront approach we use. We will never sell you something we believe you don’t need.

Lifetime Relationships

Many of our customers are 3rd and even 4th generation clients. We often service and maintain cars for a lifetime.

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